Restek Chromatography 

Restek Chromatography products and accessories are available through LECO Australia. Restek Corporation is world renowned for the quality of its chromatography columns and supplies along with the innovation behind their products.

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Restek Products and Literature For the most accurate information, visit Restek website or contact LECO Australia
ROC LC Columns [PDF] Reliable cornerstones for your Liquid Chromatography Labs

GC Columns

RXI GC Columns [PDF] High Inertness; Low Bleed; Exceptional Reproducibility
PLOT Columns [PDF] Restek's new benchmark for performance

GC Accessories

Topaz Inlet Liners [PDF] The next level of True Blue Performance
Gas Management [PDF] Supplies for gas chromatography instruments
Dynamic Duo [PDF] Leak Detector and ProFLOW 6000 Flowmeter

HPLC and UHPLC Columns

ROC LC Columns [PDF]  
UHPLC Filters [PDF] Protect column and chromatographic performance
Biphenyl HPLC Columns Leading resolution in liquid chromatography
Raptor HPLC Columns [PDF] Experience selectivity accelerated with Raptor SPP LC Columns and Guards

HPLC Accessories

LC Supplies & Replacement Parts [PDF]
Cost-Effective Restek LC Kits [PDF] For preventative maintenance

Vials and Syringes

Vial Selection Tool  

Sample Preparation

Q-sep QuEChERS Products
Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges and Manifolds [PDF]
Accelerated Solvent Extraction [PDF] Replacement parts for ASE Instruments

Air Monitoring

Air Sampling [PDF]  

Reference Standards

Reference Standards [PDF] Save Worry, Time, and Money when you rely on Restek
Reference Standards Library Looking for a certain compound? Search the Restek Reference Library. Additionally, contact us for a custom analytical reference standard mixture quotation.
10 Critical Steps [PDF] Restek World-Class Certified Reference Materials