Now is The Time for Productive O/N/H Analysis

Elemental analysis is essential for your lab, yet oftentimes it can be complicated by slow analysis times and unreliable instrumentation. Lost lab time is not something anyone wants, and is a key problem that we aim to solve. With our 836 Series for the accurate, simultaneous wide-range measurement of oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen we focused on a number of features to save you time.

ONH836The 836 Series will bring you:

  • Versatile application ability—including inorganic materials, ferrous, and nonferrous alloys, and refectory materials
  • High-performance detection through an improved detector design with thermostatic construction
  • Long-term stability through optimized emitter control and detection circuitry
  • Customizable configurations for oxygen/nitrogen/hydrogen include add-on options such as a sample autoloader, recirculating chiller, interfaced balance kit, electrode furnace autocleaner, and more
    • Rugged design for improved up-time and easy maintenance
  • User-friendly Cornerstone® brand software in a touch-screen interface improves your workspace ergonomics and gives you complete instrument control
  • Cornerstone Mobile allows you to check your instrument status anywhere from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer

Check out our new product video, which guides you through some of the 836 Series’ key features!

ONH836 Series from LECO Corporation on Vimeo.

The 836 Series was designed to bring you productivity and is equipped to handle the most challenging samples.

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