Environmental Safety with TOF-MS

Environmental Safety is more than just a pipe dream, it is the survival of the human race. We only have this one beautiful planet and the damage we do to it will resonate past our grandchildren’s generation. Just like the wings of a butterfly in South Africa can cause a storm in China, so too can an environmental spill resonate around the globe.

Environmental Safety is everyone’s responsibility, not just an abstract government department. Join us and make a difference in this field.

Why buy a TOFMS for Environmental Safety?

Mass spectrometers are perhaps the greatest tool available for the analytical chemist. With the ability to ionize, sort, and measure complex chemical mixtures by their mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) with femtogram (fg) to nanogram (ng) sensitivity, it is no wonder that mass spectrometers are widely used across many industries. The mass spectrometer can be divided into three main components: ionization source, mass analyzer, and detector. While the functions of the ionization source and detector are extremely important to the function of the mass spectrometer, it is the selection of the mass analyzer that can be tailored to meet data quality objectives. Sample matrix, required detection levels, target or non-target analysis, and budget all play an important role when selecting a mass analyzer.

A time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOFMS) is ideal for discovering new compounds in your sample, quantifying targeted compounds in complex samples, and increasing throughput with fast chromatography.

Learn more about the benefits of GC-TOF-MS and Water Safety by reading our whitepaper: Exceeding Requirements for Standard Environmental Methods using LECO Separation Gas Chromatrography Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry [PDF]


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