Application Spotlight: Oxygen Determination in Tin and Lead Based Solder Powders with Our O736

Our innovative analytical instrumentation provides users with solutions for a wide range of applications. We want to help your lab succeed, which is why we share examples of the processes, methods of analysis, and results our instruments can obtain in the form of application notes. We want our current and potential customers to feel at ease with our instrumentation in the lab, and our application notes highlight the right instrument for each specific application.

O736Our 736 series is a fast, reliable, and adaptable solution for the wide-range measurement of oxygen and nitrogen. It brings productivity to your lab by offering automation options for high-throughput, such as a 20-position shuttle loader and an electrode furnace autocleaner. Our Cornerstone® brand software provides a customizable touch-screen interface for ease-of-use and complete analysis control. A high-performance detector design provides increased protection

In our latest application note, the O736 for oxygen determination was used to measure the amount of oxygen present in tin and lead-based solder powders. This is important to determine, as it is one of the primary quality control procedures for the electronics industry—the amount of oxides can detrimentally effect the soldering process, which reduces the amount and value of the metal.

You can read more about the sample preparation, accessories, method parameters, procedure, and results in the application note here.

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