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LECO can help you see what you've been missing

LECO's Pegasus® line of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometers (GC-MS) are designed to be the world's most sensitive full-scan mass spectrometers.

  • Unlimited analyte quantification in every run, every time.
  • Complete historical record for future data mining.
  • Lab-tried and -tested reliability and durability.

With just one run, have results for any question you might ask.


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Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

Explore the most challenging samples

There are benefits and drawbacks to every kind of mass analyzer, but a time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOFMS) excels with the full breadth and speed of data acquisition. No other type of mass spectrometer can acquire the full mass range of a sample for non-targeted data mining, yielding high-quality library matches through mass spectral deconvolution. The fast gas chromatography of a TOFMS does not come at the expense of quality: TOFMS results have accurate quantitation with the full mass range of up to 500 spectra/s and 5 orders of magnitude.

A TOFMS is ideal for discovering new compounds in your sample, quantifying targeted compounds in complex samples, and increasing throughput with fast chromatography.

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Take your analysis into a new dimension

Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC) is a technique with many benefits in a wide variety of applications (e.g. environmental, metabolomics, petroleum, food safety, fragrance).

  • Increased peak capacity (i.e. resolution)
  • Structured two-dimensional chromatograms (i.e. contour plots)
  • Sensitivity enhancement

Beyond academic endeavors, the practical benefits of GCxGC are becoming more apparent with use. Multiple analyte classes can be combined into a single analysis to save instrument and sample preparation time. Manual review time for non-target screening methods can be reduced with the increased peak resolution of a GCxGC analysis by creating a better library match leading to faster, more confident peak identification. Sample characterization is improved with a GCxGC analysis which increases confidence in decisions based on analytical results. The extra resolution afforded by the GCxGC analysis allows the use of more economical detectors, like the flame ionization detector (FID) or electron capture detector (ECD).

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LECO Corporation

Over 80 years of innovation and trust

In 1936, LECO introduced the first rapid carbon determinator to the American iron and steel industry. Today, over 80 years later, LECO is recognized globally as a leader in the development of high-quality mass spectrometers and chromatographs, elemental and thermal analysis equipment, metallography and optical equipment, and consumables.

Our support goes beyond the sale. We stand behind every instrument we produce with comprehensive training, application support, and service you need to keep your lab running at its best.

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LECO Separation Science products are intended for research use only; not for use in diagnostic procedures.