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Pittcon Conference & Expo 2020 | March 1-5, 2020 | McCormick Place Chicago, IL | Booth #4032

The Place to Be for all Things GC×GC

If you are new to the world of GC×GC, Pittcon 2020 is where you want to be. Find out more about this now established technology, and what it means for today’s most complex applications while networking with seasoned professionals. In addition to a number of oral and poster sessions on the topic, be sure to check out the following sessions of interest.

Short Course

A Beginners Guide to Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography (GC×GC ) (SC1207)
Sunday, March 1 from 8:30 am to 5 pm

If you are familiar with gas chromatography and interested in learning more about GC×GC , or if you are looking to improve your analysis with this new and emerging technology, this course is for you! Ideal for a variety of application work in the fields of Environmental Analysis, Petroleum Analysis, Food Safety, Forensics, and Cannabis product testing.

  • GC×GC continues to grow and diversify with regular appearances at most major conferences. After completion of this course attendees will be familiar with the benefits and operation of GC×GC and will be able to determine when it is an appropriate technique for their laboratory.  Attendees will be able to contrast and contrast different GC×GC systems, identify resources for method development, and formulate strategies for coping with GC×GC data.  A diverse collaboration of scientists will instruct this course to provide attendees with a well-rounded GC×GC educational experience.

    1. Introduction
      1. Benefits of GC×GC compared to 1D GC
      2. Hot topics and application examples
      3. Fundamentals of GC×GC
      4. History, key papers and references
      5. Modulator types and considerations
    2. Method Development
      1. Column selection
      2. Temperature and flow parameters
      3. Detector options and requirements
      4. Optimization and troubleshooting
    3. Hands-on Demonstrations
      1. On-site GC×GC instrument
      2. Column connections and installation
      3. Online resources
    4. Data Analysis
      1. System requirements and options
      2. Data processing parameters
      3. Data reduction strategies
      4. Quantitative and Qualitative analysis
      5. Statistical approaches
    5. Applications of GC×GC
      1. Petroleum
      2. Environmental
      3. Forensics
      4. Food Safety
      5. Cannabis & Terpenes

Short Courses are only open to Pittcon registrants. There is an additional fee to participate in Short Courses and space is limited. Want to Learn More about GCxGC_ Download this free whitepaper-box
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Industrial Applications of GC×GC
Monday, 8:30 AM; location TBD

This workshop session focuses on the use of comprehensive GC (GC×GC ) on solving real-world problems in industrialized settings. Nearly 20 years since its innovative first application by Liu and Phillips, there has been a plethora of successful GC×GC  uses in a wide variety of industries and markets. Hear from a panel of industry experts as they each highlight how this technology has solved authentic problems that were either not being addressed or only partially solved by other established techniques. Topics covered will include forensic arson cases, consumer products, petroleum processing, and defense.

Workshops are free for Pittcon registrants.

Networking Session

Hot Topics in GC×GC  Applications
Time and location TBD

This popular networking session is a great way for attendees to connect with other GC×GC  users who have similar interests and challenges.

Networking Sessions are free for Pittcon registrants.



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