How can you improve your sample throughput when faced with complex matrices found in food samples? When it comes to food safety, MOSH/MOAH and pesticide analyses are among the incredibly challenging applications that benefit from the high resolution and sensitivity of a GCxGC-TOF-MS instrument. Watch this recorded webinar exploring this solution to multiple analytical challenges.

What’s in My Food Sample? 

Food safety starts with knowing what you’re looking at.

But what you see depends on how you’re looking... 


Quantification of the number of analytes in a sample. 


Instruments with standard sensitivities require multiple analyses. 


Pegasus® BT 

  • Unlimited flexibility to quantify analytes. 
  • StayClean™ Ion Source reduces downtime by virtually eliminating the need to clean your ion source after even the dirtiest samples—including tea leaves and peppers. Pegasus_BT


Identification of multiple unknown analytes. 


Your matrix is too complex to investigate every residue in one analysis. 


Pegasus® BT 4D 

  • GCxGC, combined with the most sensitive TOFMS available on the market, will help you identify more analytes in less time. 
  • ChromaTOF brand software automates and simplifies deconvolution for quicker identificationPegasusBT4D


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