E-Seminar Video Gallery

High Resolution GC-MS for Metabolomic Applications | Vladimir Tolstikov, Eli Lilly
Small Molecule Metabolite Profiling in Biological Samples | John Heim & Jeff Patrick, LECO Corporation

Breath Analysis/Human Volatome | Renee Cataneo & Mayur Mundada, Menssana Research Inc.

Cannabis Potency Testing & Terpene Profiling | Dave Alonso, LECO Corporation
Moisture/LOD in Cannabis | Jeff Gast, LECO Corporation
One Pot, Single Analysis for Substrate Scope | Bob Nelson & Chris Reddy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
GCxGC Method for Cannabis Products | Jef Focant, Univ of Liege
Characterization of Beverage Products Containing Cannabidiol (CBD) | Liz Humston-Fulmer, LECO Corporation
Time-of-Flight MS within the Pharmaceutical Industry | Tony Bristow, Astra Zeneca
Forensic Screening of Non-Derivatized Drugs in Urine | John Heim, LECO Corporation
Environmental Methods using High Performance GC-TOFMS | Jonathan Byer, LECO Corporation
Dioxin Analysis, GC-HRT and GCxGC-TOFMS | Peter Gorst-Allman, LECO Corporation
Dioxin and Environmental Toxicants | Eric Reiner, Ontario
Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids | Frank Dorman, Penn State Univ
Fuel Fraud and Achieving ASTM D5769 | Christina Kelly, LECO Corporation
Characterization of Environmental Samples | Peter Haglund, Umea Univ
Pollutants of Concern | Jack Cochran, Restek
Light Crude Oil and High Boilers | Thomas Groger, Univ of Rostock
Chemical and Sensory Analysis/Shelf Life of Beer | Liz Humston-Fulmer, LECO
Flavor and Odor Problems | Ray Marsili, Marsili Consulting Group
Flavor and Off-Flavor Analysis/Packaging | Ray Marsili,Marsili Consulting Group
Chemical Changes in Aging Beer | Liz Humston-Fulmer, LECO Corporation
GCxGC Made Simple and Easy-to-Use | Mark Merrick, LECO Corporation
Advanced Instrumentation Development/Harsh Environments | Mark Libardoni, Southwest Research Institute
Theory, Practice, and Optimization | Pete Stevens, LECO Corporation
Time-of-Flight GC-MS Overview | Joe Binkley, LECO Corporation
Tile-Based Fisher Ratio Analysis | Rob Synovec, Univ of Washington
Simply GCxGC Demonstration | LECO Corporation
Flow Modulation | John Seeley, Oakland University
Theory and History of GCxGC | J.M.D. Dimandja, Spelman College
User Library | Farai Rukunda, LECO Corporation
Introduction to Time-of-Flight GC-MS | Nick Hall, LECO Corporation