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ChromaTOF® is a robust software suite that eases the understanding and processing of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry data.


ChromaTOF works automatically with the Pegasus GC-TOF-MS instruments, turning your data into usable information. ChromaTOF Tile speeds up data analysis by isolating peaks of interest with Fischer-based tile ratios. The Identification Grading System (IGS) allows users to compare data against known analytes to help quickly identify compounds in their samples.

Pegasus Model Version Major Features

4000 Series

5.10 Addition of the L-PAL3 and Spectral Analysis Tools

6000 Series

5.10 Addition of the L-PAL3 and Spectral Analysis Tools
4D, HT (incl “C”)
4.72 Fixes

Significant updates in classifications, classification summary views, single channel data and links to ChromaTOF Tile™

6550 Series


Cumulative release includes support for L-PAL3 Series 1.5, New Agilent GCs, and 21 CFR p11 functionality; Support for the Multi-Mode Source™ (MMS™)

CT Tile 1.01 Multisample comparison of GCxGC TOFMS via Tile-based Fisher Ratios
QuadJet SD 5.52.19 Support for GCxGC FID on Agilent 8890 GC
Accurate Mass Spectral Library 1.120 Library Updated

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ChromaTOF Tile Differentiates Maple Syrups

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Determining American IPA Beer Age

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Discovering the Scent of Celery Scent

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The Comparison of CBD Beverages

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Characterizing Citronella Essential Oils

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ChromaTOF-GC legacy version

ChromaTOF-GC is the legacy version of the LECO ChromaTOF software, previously included with Pegasus® products. Used by industry leaders for over 15 years, ChromaTOF-GC supports GCxGC deconvolution, visualization, and reporting.

  • True Signal Deconvolution, Automated Peak Find, and Extended Range Calibration algorithms
  • Enhanced graphics for GCxGC users, including the option of displaying peak labels and peak markers on contour and surface plots
  • Importable ready-to-use workspace templates for access to preferred user interfaces and reduced set-up times
  • Semi-Quantitative Analysis for the reporting of non-calibrated compounds
  • Automatic tuning within user-defined quality control methods
  • Integrated control of a variety of sample handling options from Gerstel, LEAP, Shimadzu, and Agilent
  • Fully-integrated optional environmental report designer
  • Customizable user interface
  • Automatically export data to PDF, CSV, ANDI MS, NETCDF, or Raw file formats
  • Compatibility with LECO's consumable-free GCxGC thermal modulator
  • Classification development tools
  • Capacity for files up to 4 GB and compatibility with Windows operating systems
  • The LECO/Fiehn Metabolomics Library features over 1,100 spectra of 700 unique metabolomics for metabolite identification in your most complex samples. Fully integrated within ChromaTOF, the library works seamlessly with the software's Library Search function to automatically identify potential analyte matches without the need for importing or exporting data.