Building Strong Foundations

Cement forms the basis of virtually the entire world’s infrastructure. Its value lies in its versatility, strength, durability, and ease of use. For all of its benefits, it is a surprisingly complex mixture of a balance of ingredients such as lime, silica, alumina and more. The quality and strength of cement and other building materials is determined from their chemical make-ups. Learn from LECO’s experts as they explain how chemical and moisture analyses of cement and other building materials can be performed quickly, efficiently, and accurately in this series of webinars.

Total Sulfur and Carbon Determination in Cement and Raw Materials Utilizing the LECO SC832 Series of InstrumentationLloyd_Allen

This webinar will review the application of the LECO SC832 family for the determination of sulfur and carbon in a wide variety of construction materials.  Sample types covered in this presentation include cement, fly ash and ore materials. In addition, the basic operating principles will be covered as well as software features that can be used to simplify the analysis and reporting of results.  |  Presented by Lloyd Allen, Ph.D., Director Technical Services Laboratory

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Moisture/LOI Determination in Cement, Fly ash, Gypsum and Lime using Thermogravimetric Analysis TechniquesJeff_Gast

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is a widely used technique for Moisture or Loss on Ignition (LOI) determination in various materials. This webinar will explore enhancements in the method technique to characterize mass loss in specified materials using LECO TGA instruments. The methods discussed will include Split Loss in Cement, LOI in Combustion Residues following ASTM D7348, LOI in Flue Gas Desulfurization Solids following ASTM D8339 and Moisture and LOI in Hydrated Lime. | Presented by Jeffery Gast, Lead Analytical Chemist

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Carbon and Nitrogen Determination in Adhesives, Laminates, and Cement Fiber Board using the LECO CN928 and the LECO C832Fred_Schultz-1

Determination of carbon and nitrogen in construction materials plays an important role in maintaining quality and durability of these products. This webinar will focus on this application using both the LECO CN928 and the C832. Data will be presented from a wide range of materials used in the construction industry. | Presented by Fred Schultz, Applications Chemist

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Cement Clinker Preparation and Microscopic ExaminationSteve_Reilly

Cement Clinkers are an intermediate product in the production of Portland Cement, one of the key ingredients in the manufacturing of concrete.  Microscopic examination and analysis of Clinkers is a Quality Assurance process that assesses the nature and quality of Clinker constituents.  This Webinar will discuss the process of sample preparation, microscopic examination, and the assessment of Cement Clinkers. |  Presented by Steve Reilly, Metallurgist

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