Your Investment: Improved

ELearnWhen you make an investment, you want to know how it works. All of the bells and whistles, the clever shortcuts, and the changes that make it different from the last instrument you used are important to know for the most efficient and effective use of your new gas chromatography mass spectrometer. LECO has always offered in-person training classes and on-site lab visits, but in today's changing world with travel restrictions and social distancing, how can you learn about your Pegasus® BT while staying safe?

Just as LECO has solutions for your toughest GC-MS problems we have a solution for a lack of in-person training. Our new e-learning platform, LECOLearn, has launched to assist our Pegasus® BT owners across the globe.

Pegasus BT Person Running 2 -1LECOLearn is available at no additional cost to all current and future Pegasus® BT owners. This online platform provides 24/7 access to tutorial videos and instructional modules, so no matter where you are or what you are doing, you can learn how to optimize your Pegasus® BT and brush up on the specifics. Multiple users are allowed per account, which means you can be confident that your lab is using your Pegasus® BT in the same replicable way as any other lab around the world.

When you make an investment, don't plunge into the darkness without a guide. Let LECOLearn show you what you've been missing.

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