What Can Automation Bring to Your Hardness Testing?

LECO’s innovative automatic hardness tester—the AMH55—lets you, the customer, define and tailor your hardness testing based on your specific application. This customization is done through our exclusive Cornerstone® brand software paired with automatic instrument operation, offering you a number of features to streamline your hardness testing.

The AMH55 introduces LECO’s innovative Cornerstone® brand software to our hardness testing platforms, for increased usability, simplified reporting, and streamlined analysis times. Supporting accurate and efficient microindentation and Macro/Vickers hardness testing in fully automatic, semi-automatic, and lite configurations, the AMH55 is a valuable resource for users needing precise and productive hardness testing

With the AMH55 you’ll have the ability to choose the model configuration that best fits your needs: 

  • AMH55 Automatic
    • Simultaneous automatic alignment and automatic parfocal tools, as well as automatic pixel calibration and shading correction
    • Optional Advanced Analysis Module for color contoured mapping
  • AMH55 Semi-Automatic
    • Automatically locates and analyzes indents, automatic alignment, and pixel calibration
    • Customizable data reporting
    • Manual focus
  • AMH55 Lite
    • Automatically locates and analyzes indents within a field of view
    • Automatic pixel calibration
    • Easily upgrade to AMH55 Automatic or Semi-Automatic

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