Thermogravimetrically Testing Biomass

March 19, 2021

200630_TGA801_450pxSo many factors go into the quality and characterization of plants and biomass, but many thermogravimetric analyses take so much time. Drying, ashing, and weighing multiple samples takes effort and care just to control for atmospheric effects, much less to actually get precise results that can then be used to analyze the quality and structure of the plants. LECO's TGA801 is an automated thermogravimetric analyzer designed to take the time out of the testing.

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Christmas Coal and Quality Determination with the TGA801

December 20, 2019

There’s coal and then there’s coal, and Santa Claus knows the difference. When preparing coal for the stockings of naughty boys and girls on Christmas Eve, Santa is not about to waste high quality, high-carbon material on children who have been bad. But while Santa is magic and can tell in an instant which coal is appropriate, how can those of us not lucky enough to work out of the North Pole determine our coal quality?

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Application Spotlight: How An Automated Macro Thermogravimetric Instrument Can Save You Time in Your Lab

June 20, 2019

Our innovative analytical instrumentation provides users with solutions for a wide range of applications. We want to help your lab succeed, which is why we share examples of the processes, methods of analysis, and results our instruments can obtain in the form of application notes. We want our current and potential customers to feel at ease with our instrumentation in the lab, and our application notes highlight the right instrument for each specific application.

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Introducing the TGA801: The Next Big Thing for Moisture, Ash, Volatile Content, and LOI Determination

November 1, 2018

We’re always looking for ways to improve your lab experience, and this means designing our products to help solve your lab’s biggest challenges. Our latest generation of thermogravimetric analyzers, the TGA801, introduces a number of improvements best suited for YOU and your analysis. The TGA801 is ideal for determining multiple constituents such as moisture, ash, volatile content, and LOI in a variety of organic, inorganic, and synthetic materials.

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