Food Solutions to Streamline Your Lab

Quickly and easily analyze your most challenging food samples with our solutions for total protein and nitrogen determination—the FP828 and FP928

Analyze for Carbon, Nitrogen, and Sulfur Simultaneously with our CNS928

Our popular 928 Series enables you to analyze macro samples with features that streamline your analysis. The latest model to enter our lineup, the CNS928, allows for...

Introducing the TGA801: The Next Big Thing for Moisture, Ash, Volatile Content, and LOI Determination

We’re always looking for ways to improve your lab experience, and this means designing our products to help solve your lab’s biggest challenges. Our latest generation...

Application Spotlight: Determination of Nitrogen/Protein in Flour

LECO's 828 Series: A Fast Food Solution

Shop Online with LECODirect!

Consumables are something that keep your lab instruments running smoothly, and in most cases, you couldn't conduct an analysis without them. Here at LECO, we offer...

Want Streamlined Carbon and Nitrogen Analysis? Check Out Our New 928 Series Product Video!

Our 928 Series was designed for dependability and provides peace of mind while delivering results in 5.3 minutes (nitrogen/protein model) for macro samples up to 3...

Application Spotlight: Sulfur and Carbon Determination in Soda Lime and Battery Paste

Sulfur and Carbon Analysis in Soda Lime & Battery Paste

Our innovative analytical instrumentation provides users with solutions for a wide range of organic and...

Looking for an efficient way to determine carbon and nitrogen/protein?

Our new 828 series offers key improvements in throughput, uptime, and reliability while achieving fast results for carbon and/or nitrogen and total protein in food,...

Designed for Dependability

LECO’s new 928 Series will allow you to:

-Maximize your lab productivity with unmatched sample throughput coupled with superior instrument uptime

-Gain unparalleled...

LECO Introduces the New 928 Series for Carbon/Nitrogen Analysis

Our latest advancement maintains the core capabilities and performance of previous generations of LECO macro combustion instruments while possessing key improvements...

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