Hardness Tester Verification for ASTM — A Practical View

We routinely get questions about how often hardness testers need to be verified with test blocks by users. ASTM provides guidance in   E 18 (Rockwell) and E 92...

See Our SX100M Sectioning Machine in Action!

The latest sectioning machine to enter our lineup, the SX100M, is an efficient benchtop unit designed for a wide number of sectioning applications. The approximate...

Join us at MS&T

Materials Science & Technology Show

October 14-18 | Columbus, OH

Heading to the MS&T show? Come see how we can streamline your materials testing! Stop by booth #505...

Shop Online with LECODirect!

Consumables are something that keep your lab instruments running smoothly, and in most cases, you couldn't conduct an analysis without them. Here at LECO, we offer...

Metallography Made Easy

You need a smoothly running lab to efficiently analyze your samples, and LECO has you covered. We offer quality metallographic and optical solutions that seamlessly...

What Can Automation Bring to Your Hardness Testing?

LECO’s innovative automatic hardness tester—the AMH55—lets you, the customer, define and tailor your hardness testing based on your specific application. This...

See Our PX400 in Action!

Our PX400 is one of the latest grinder/polishers to enter our lineup of metallographic products. As you can see from the video demo below the PX400 emphasizes...

Introducing the SX100M


  • Radial arm for manual sectioning with user-friendly working height
  • Base aluminum casting with steel hood and safety lock
  • Integrated 6.6 gallon...
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