Thermogravimetric: Automated

200630_TGA801_450pxTraditional thermogravimetric analyses such as loss-on-drying or loss-on-ignition techniques are long processes with many manual steps as samples are measured and transferred and re-measured to determine the loss. Every touch increases labor requirements and the chance for operator error. But there's a better way.

LECO's TGA801 automates thermogravimetric analyses and produces the same results as the traditional standard methods in a fraction of the time. Our integrated balance and carousel system means you measure your sample once and the instrument handles the rest.

TGA Photo-Pittcon19From temperature control to automatic end-point sensing, the TGA801 flexible method settings let you emulate classical gravimetric test conditions with all the speed and accuracy of today's technology.

Watch our product video to learn more about the TGA801 today.

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