Learn How to Maximize Your Moisture Determination with Our Latest Product Video!

In your moisture determination, you need a fast, reliable instrument to keep your lab running smoothly. Our new TGM800 solves the problem of slow, labor-intensive, traditional loss-on-drying method through an automated, high-precision solution.

The TGM800 offers a number of time-saving features such as the ability to measure up to 16 samples at a time with drying time end-point recognition, and intuitive software with flexible method settings. The TGM800 is applicable to a wide variety of sample matrices including food, feeds, milled products, and agricultural materials, making it a versatile solution for your laboratory.

The TGM800 will allow you to:

- Maximize your lab's productivity with high throughput and minimal operator time

- Gain versatility with flexible method settings and analysis capabilities of 16 samples (1.5 inch diameter aluminum foil crucibles) or 10 samples (2.4 inch diameter aluminum foil crucibles)

- Achieve superior analytical performance through precise oven temperature ramping and set point control

Check out our video from this year’s Pittcon tradeshow, where Organic Product Manager, Mason Marsh, further explains the benefits of the TGM800!

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