Take Your GC-MS Analysis One Step Further


What if you could take your GC-MS analysis one step further by easily adding a second dimension of separation? Our new FLUX™ GCxGC flow modulator uses a diverting flow technique (rather than industry-standard thermal modulation), eliminating the need for costly cryogens, and making GCxGC more cost-effective and routine to the everyday analyst.

The modulator's key features include:

  • A truly user-friendly system, there are no additional flows to manage, restrictors to cut, connections to make, etc.
  • Narrow peak widths that maintain chromatographic resolution better than the broader peaks produced by differential flow modulators.
  • Reinjection peak widths are approaching those generated by thermal modulation.
  • Sensitivity that is equivalent to, or better than, that obtained with our classic Pegasus 4D-C thermal system.
  • The need for complicated flow splitting is removed since carrier gas flow rates are comparable to thermal modulation and standard GC flow rates.

You can read more about this in our latest white paper, which further details the operation, use, and concepts behind a diverting flow technique. Or you can watch our latest webinar on the technology, featuring preeminent flow modulation researcher John Seeley. 

Truly, GCxGC designed for you and your lab.

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