See What's in Your Food

Food scientists using the microscope for research at the universityHow efficient is your workflow when it comes to food samples? Are you sure you're seeing everything your sample has to offer? Learn how LECO has been expanding what is possible when it comes to food safety analyses with a free series of webinars.

All of these webinars are now available as on-demand recordings on our website.

Starting July 8, LECO is presenting a series of five webinars covering various topics related to food quality and safety. Sign ups are available for the individual presentations, so you can choose which ones are the most applicable to your research or sign up for all five!

The series begins on July 8 with a lesson on an automated thermogravimetric determination of moisture and ash in flour, presented by LECO's Jeffery Gast. LECO's Lloyd Allen follows up on July 15 with a talk on automated thermogravimetric determination of moisture in meat and semi-solid food products, such as honey.

On July 22, Lloyd Allen returns for a discussion on the optimization of combustion methods for the determination of low-level nitrogen/protein in food, focusing on LECO's FP928 and FP828P instruments. 

July 29 will feature Giorgia Purcaro, from the University of Liege, as she gives a presentation on using GCxGC-TOFMS to better interpret mineral oil hydrocarbon results rather than simply seeing a "hump" of data. Finally, on August 5, Radim Stepan of the Czech Food & Agriculture Inspection Agency will discuss using GCxGC-TOFMS to analyze food of plant origin for pesticide residues.

Registration for the first three webinars is open now, on our website. You can also sign up to be notified when registration for the final two webinars is open.

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