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VX4LECO's newest microscope, the VX4, fits in neatly with our entire metallographic lineup. For a lab that needs a compact and practical microscopy solution, the VX4 is an easy-to-use inverted microscope that gives excellent image quality.

Inverted microscopes such as the VX4 are ideal for the flat, polished surfaces of metallographic samples. Switching between samples requires less time adjusting the focus, which means more time for analyzing samples. The VX4 comes with four objectives that easily fit into a revolving nosepiece, with a fifth, 100x objective, available as an add on.

VX4 White Cast Iron ResolutionImage Quality of White Cast Iron viewed with VX4 Objectives

The VX4 comes standard with a bright, adjustable LED light, a mechanical stage, and polarized light capability.  Mount a camera to the trinocular head to use with our PAX-it 2 image analysis software for quick evaluation and reporting of your samples.

For an affordable, basic inverted microscope that doesn't cut corners, the VX4 is an ideal choice for a busy metallographic laboratory.

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