Online Product Demos: Customized for You

Person Running DSX

Science doesn't stop, so why should your lab?

With travel bans and social distancing on the rise, it's increasingly more difficult to make educated decisions on new instrument purchases. Nothing beats talking with an expert face-to-face and seeing what an instrument is capable of.

LECO is now offering live online product demos. Sit down at your own desk and be connected with a LECO expert to demonstrate your choice of our products. Want to see how your samples are analyzed? Reach out to us to arrange a shipment, and we'll use your own samples in your customized online demo.

There's no need to sit on your hands just because you're staying off the road. Let LECO help you make informed decisions for your lab today. Contact us here to set up a live online product demo.

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Demos available in United States and Canada only. If you are in a different country, reach out to us to find a solution for your laboratory.