Here's what happened on Day 1 of the GCxGC Symposium!

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Day 1 is in the books. What a great start to the 1st Annual GCxGC Symposium!

The day started with a great general overview of the GCxGC technique, how it’s done, and when it makes sense to make the leap into a better way of doing GC by Katelyn Perrault. A very helpful presentation for those considering the addition of GCxGC to their lab’s tool box. Very well done Dr. Perrault! 

Chris Siegler followed with a great presentation on using GCxGC to solve real world industrial challenges. A great balance of info regarding the technique and a summary of a few applications was delivered. Great presentation Dr. Siegler! 

Rob Synovec finished the day with a very informative presentation on the development of a Tile–based Fisher Ratio approach for comparing GCxGC data. This approach is being employed as LECO collaborates with Dr. Synovec to incorporate this functionality in the form of ChromaTOF Tile. Great presentation Dr. Synovec. There are a lot of GCxGC practitioners very excited about this and we are too. 

But there was more!

Todd Richards showed us an example of GCxGC separating pesticides from matrix, improving the detection limit and clarifying non-target identifications.

Liz Humston-Fulmer gave a live demo of a soon-to-be product, ChromaTOF Tile, telling us what is different in coffee roast levels: 6 samples, 2 classes (3 in each); finished processing in 38 seconds (well, okay, 2 minutes and 38 seconds, but that is still really fast!)

A lively Round Table discussion with our presenters and application chemists rounded out the day nicely!

We want to give a huge thanks to our presenters for making Day 1 such a success. We look forward to what Day 2's session on petroleum and fuels has in store.

Don't miss out, join us today!

Day 2 - Petroleum and Fuel
Begins at 11 am (Tuesday, September 15th)

  • Comparison of Flow Modulation and Thermal Modulation in Various Configurations of GC×GC-MS-FID | Presented by Richard C. Striebich
  • Application of GC×GC-TOFMS to the Analysis of New and In-Service Automotive Fluids | Presented by William Collin
  • Fuel Analysis : Hydrocarbon Standardization via GCxGC  | Presented by Thomas Loegel
  • Round Table Discussion (begins at 1:45 pm)

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