LECO Talks to Food Navigator

food navi articleHear from our Organic Product Manager, Mason Marsh, as he discusses our solutions for carbon/nitrogen analysis and moisture determination in food, feed, and agricultural samples. In his interview with FoodQualityNews, he highlights the importance of nitrogen analysis in food and feed and how two of our products, the FP928 and FP828, will help user's achieve better productivity in their analysis with fast, reliable results.

He also explains how our thermogravimetric moisture system—the TGM800—is able to provide an automated solution to your moisture analysis. "This particular automation in moisture analysis is quite a leap, it is about reducing points of error and getting an accurate value. Not only are we looking at productivity, efficiency, and workflow in the laboratory so you can do more with less people, or have the same amount of people do better things with their time, but you also reduce a lot of error in this analysis," he explained.

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