Did You Miss Us at ASMS? Presentations Are Now Available

Sep Sci General HeaderAt LECO we understand your lab’s problems and how to solve them, which is why we offer a wide array of reliable and innovative separation science solutions so you can dig deeper into your samples. Some of our solutions were recently on display at ASMS.

Catch up on LECO events from the conference! We had a number of presentations take place, from breakfast seminars to poster presentations, all on a wide variety of application topics. It is always great to hear from industry leaders and learn about the latest trends in the mass spec community.

Breakfast Seminar Recordings

Analysis of Environmental Contamination in the Susquehanna River | Presented by Frank Dorman, Penn State

Medical Application: Breath Volatile Compounds in Asthma Patients | Presented by Jef Focant ,University of Liège

Using Open Access Online Metabolomic Databases | Presented by Oliver Fiehn , UC Davis

To watch these breakfast seminars and view our posters from the show, click here.