Cannabis Moisture Content

CannabisDetermining the moisture content in cannabis and hemp is a critical factor in the growth and distribution of the process. Too much moisture can be indicative of microbial contamination, which can lead to health risks in the end user. It is also crucial to determine moisture content when extracting CBD oil. However, the plant nature of cannabis makes traditional loss-on-drying methods difficult, as the plant matter could be lost to thermal decomposition, resulting in falsely high moisture results.

Using a combination of the RC612, a resistance furnace multiphase carbon and moisture determinator, and the TGM800, a thermogravimetric analyzer, LECO was able to calculate an optimal temperature for cannabis analysis.

With the RC612, both moisture and carbon are captured and analyzed simultaneously. This allows volatile organic compounds to be separated from the water values. As the temperature ramps up, the differences can be monitored to determine an optimal temperature for thermogravimetric analysis with minimal volatile organic compound evolution.

TGM800_OPERATOR_SAMPLES_CLOSE-UPTaking the temperature from the RC612, which came out to around 80 °C, the TGM800 can then be used to automate standard loss-on-drying methods at the optimal temperatures to efficiently process the cannabis or hemp samples.

For more information on how LECO obtained this temperature value check out our poster presentation. For a more in-depth look at how the TGM800 automates loss-on-drying analysis to save time and money, read our app note.

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