Application Spotlight: StayClean Ion Source Stability

Our innovative separation science solutions work to solve the common problems you face in your laboratory while also providing the sensitivity, resolving power, accuracy, deconvolution, and speed you need to discover what else is in your sample. Our GC-TOFMS and GCxGC instrumentation can answer key questions in your most complex samples and pioneer high sample throughput, so you can streamline your analysis.

PEGASUS BT Stay Clean SourceDowntime is often a frustrating issue associated with source cleaning—you have to remove, disassemble, clean, reassemble, reinstall, and test the source before starting up again. Not to mention the extra time you may spend trying to diagnose and resolve the problem in the first place—source cleaning is a time-consuming process! With our StayClean® ion source the need to remove and clean your source is virtually eliminated. Its gridless, open-style EI source design differs significantly from traditional, closed-box style sources. It keeps metal surfaces relatively far away from the ionization region, thus reducing the effects of contamination on the analyte signal intensity. The only maintenance the source requires is periodic filament replacement, which has been simplified in our GC-TOFMS and GCxGC-TOFMS systems’ designs.

In our latest application note, the stability of this StayClean ion source was tested on our Pegasus BT, a benchtop GC-TOFMS instrument. Read the app note here to see evidence of the StayClean ion source’s durability and how it can truly improve your lab’s productivity.

Read the app note