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Stack of SteelDo you struggle with analyzing the quality and composition of your steel? How easily can you measure the surface hardness or fluctuating carbon concentrations? Are you confident with what your tools are telling you? Learn how LECO has been expanding what is possible when it comes to measuring steel with a free series of webinars.

LECO's experts came together in this four-part series on the measurement of chemically and structurally transformed steel.

On October 7, Dave Coulston talked about the preparation and analysis of carburized steel: what it is, how it's done, why it's important, and how to prepare a carburized sample for microscopic analysis.

On October 14, Andrew Storey took carburized steel beyond a microscope with glow discharge spectrometry and hardness testing.

On October 21, Adam Darling looked at welding flux and the importance of determining moisture levels in the material to determine the quality of the final weld.

On October 28, Dave Coulston wrapped up the series with a look at those welds and how a full metallographic exam is the most informative and thorough test for the quality and strength of a weld.

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