See Our PX400 in Action!

Our PX400 is one of the latest grinder/polishers to enter our lineup of metallographic products. As you can see from the video demo below the PX400 emphasizes ease-of-use while delivering exceptionally flat specimens to keep your metallography lab running smoothly.

Watch the video below to see our PX400 grinder/polisher in action or download the brochure for a closer look.


A multi-touch display with responsive graphics, bright LED’s to safely light up the workspace, a spiral bowl with an automatic wash system, and slow rotation/indexing for easy loading and removal of mounts all help to streamline sample prep. In addition to these user-friendly operation features, energy efficient AC drives and induction motors provide smooth and configurable acceleration for any sample type.

All of LECO's metallography products feature a world-wide team of service and support professionals, ready to answer any questions or provide assistance should users ever need it. In addition, a variety of consumable products are also available to help users achieve the most reliable results.

Tell Us About  Your SamplesLooking to learn more about how the PX400 can work with your samples?

Tell us about your samples and we’ll show you how the PX400 can help improve productivity in your laboratory!


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