Rules of Thumb for GCxGC Success: How to Maximize GCxGC Method Performance Using 3 Simple Steps

1. Maximize resolution in the FIRST dimension

When jumping to a GCxGC analysis, don’t forget about the first dimension. Choose an appropriate stationary phase and...

What Can Automation Bring to Your Hardness Testing?

With the AMH55 you’ll have the ability to choose the model configuration that best fits your needs: 

Why Limit Your Analysis with MS/MS?

Check out our video from this year’s Pittcon tradeshow, where Separation Science Product Manager, Lorne Fell, Ph.D., explains the benefits of this benchtop...

Looking for an efficient way to determine carbon and nitrogen/protein?

The 828 Series incorporates features designed to maximize throughput while keeping cost-per-analysis low.

What's in my wine?

Wine itself is made through the fermentation of grapes or other fruits, where the sugar converts into alcohol. Wild yeast from the air or commercial yeast (which is...

ASMS Breakfast Seminar: Errors in Currently Employed Standardized Methods - Predicting the Fate of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Polychlorinated Biphenyls in the Environment


Alkylated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) standardized methods mostly rely on gas chromatography/mass spectrometry operated in the selected ion...

ASMS Breakfast Seminar: Replacing LECO's Pegasus HT with their Pegasus BT GC/TOF-MS Instruments for High Throughput Metabolomics: Our Experience


Our laboratory runs high sample throughput metabolomics utilizing GC/MS analytics. For many years, we have utilized LECO Pegasus III and Pegasus HT GC...

ASMS Breakfast Seminar: Application of GCxGC-HRT-MS Petroleomics Based Spectral Analysis of Two Iconic Oil Spills from the Gulf of Mexico for Environmental Forensics


One overarching tenet of oil-spill science is that the type of spilled oil and its distinct chemical composition are critical to the response, damage...

How to Maximize Your Moisture Determination

The TGM800 offers a number of time-saving features such as the ability to measure up to 16 samples at a time with drying time end-point recognition, and intuitive...

Put GCxGC to Work in Your Lab with LECO at ISCC/GCxGC

Visit us at Booth #3 Stop by to see our NEW benchtop solution for GCxGC-MS analysis, the  Pegasus BT 4D . Talk with our GCxGC experts who will help  identify the...
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